Tee cup" Yorkshire Terriers- excessive miniaturisation
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Tee cup" Yorkshire Terriers


The Yorkshire -Terrier is A Toy Breed, but we Breeders breed to a breed Standard!
In some places, the Yorkshire -Terrier has been subject to excessive miniaturisation. Dogs have been developed weighing only 900 gr,which poses serious medical problems.( some -times) Happily, this is unusual -1.8 to 3.3 kg
is the weight for which good breeders aim. ( Adult weight )
Never buy from a pet shop-always purchase one from a well -known and registered Breeder which is a member of the
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You ask to visit the breeder before settling on a puppy. Ask if it is possible to see there parents.--->

Good breeders will always be happy to oblige and to give you sound advice.
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We enjoy our Silky & Yorkshire Terriers, as they will add spices to anyone’s life.

Ausilk Silky Terrier Headers -Yorkshire Terrier

A Dog makes more friends than man because he wages his tail, not his tounque

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