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Alternative Medicine for Dogs.

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Reluctance to Service;Dogs
Reluctant males are made strong and capable with
Three doses of each are given daily, always on an empty stomach in the morning and late at night, with the midday doses NOT given with the feed, but ideally half an hour beforehand. If it is suspected that the sperm is infertile, yet the dog's services appear to be indispensable, ACIDUM - PHOSPHORUM 30x. may be given once a day for about three week

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Infertility is becoming more and more of a problem for many breeders and animal lovers.
The cause may be endocrine failure.
A diet consisting entirely of preserved foods is another suspected cause, but exact data are not yet available. Experience has shown, however, that feeding all the animals in a breeding establishment on deep frozen meat can be responsible for protracted oestrus and infertility of bitches.
A missing oestrus is stimulated with: Aristolochia 3x and Cimicifuga 6x 10 drops of each twice daily, given three weeks before oestrus is due to occur, basing one's calculations on the fact that bitches come on heat twice a year.
Veterinary surgeons also have an injection preparation available that among other things contains Aristolochia dematitis.The injections have to be given with an interval of two weeks between them. Bitches who do go on heat but refuse mating, biting the male, during the fertile period from the eleventh to the fourteenth day, need Sepia 6x, three times daily, for three weeks beforehand.
As a general treatment for infertility, Aristolochia 3x and Sepia 6x may be given, alternating day by day, particularly if the bitch has been known to drive away the male on earlier occasions.
Another method of triggering oestrus is to give Pulsatilla 30 three times daily for a week. Having given the system this intensive treatment with a relatively high potency, one waits to see how it responds. It is advisable to repeat four weeks later, in case the first treatment did not match the cycle- and considering the irregularity of oestrus this is certainly possible.
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Tendency to Dislocate Joints: Dogs
A tendency to dislocate joints and knee ligaments, i.e. their temporary displacement which causes complications with walking, is treated with: Rhus toxicodendron 12x in the mornings and Chamomilla 6x at night for three or four weeks.
A repetition of this treatment some time later will often be indicated.
Hints, be aware of!
Owners shop while pets ( Dogs) suffer!
"If it is 30C. out site, in 15 minutes that car's going to be up over 50C. in site the CAR" So a Dog. Particularly breeds with a short snout like pugs, shitzus, boxers, and bulldogs can die in less than seven minutes. So don't take the dog if you're going to have to leave it in the car. Owners who leave their pets in cars can be   charged and fined up to   $50.000. So be aware!

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We enjoy our Silky & Yorkshire Terriers, as they will add spices to anyone’s life.

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