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Grooming a Silky Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier

Grooming a Silky Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier
The Only Australian Toy Dog (The Silky Terrier)

The Silky & Yorkshire Terrier has very fine hair. It is similar to human hair and does not shed like other breeds. For this reason,
it is important that the Silky or Yorkshire Terrier be brushed and combed at least twice weekly to keep it tidy and free from snarls and mats. I suggest you invest in a good quality lanolin - based shampoo, a lanolin - or oil based conditioner, Mink oil, or Almond Oil, Or bay a bottle of Triocil from "PHARMACHEM" Medicated wash for dogs.This is best for your Silky Terrier or Yorkshire Terrier.
(A high foaming wash ensuring clean coats for prevention and treatment of skin disorder in dogs).
A natural bristle brush, a ball-tipped pin brush, scissors, nail clippers, hand clippers, metal comb and a fine - tooted metal comb. so that is all you need to help to control your dog's coat. Mink Oil or Almond Oil or a Hair Moisturizer Booster from "KIMDEC" ( Protects, Restores and Maintains Moisture Balance). Sprayed and brushed through between washing Hair, helps prevent damage to the coat.
The conditioner ("KIMDEC") or mink Oil helps prevent tangles and dry skin.
Bath the dog in tepid water,never cold. Pat and squeeze the excess water from the dog's coat with a towel, then blow dry
[ if the dog is left to dry and run free the coat will tangle and get slightly wavy].
After the coat is about half dray, use the pin brush to straighten the hair, working from the center part line down and around the legs.


A Silky if you like? which means that the ears should be free of long hair, the muzzle be clean of long hair from the eyes to the nose with an inverted V shape between the eyes.
The legs and feet from the foot to the first joint of the leg also should be free of long hair. So using scissors and hand clippers, clean hair from this area and between the toes. Trim the nails with nail clippers often; this will stop the foot from spreading and the dog from walking on the back of its pad. Brushing center part; The center part goes from forehead to the tail in a straight line. comb the coat down each side and down each leg. Using the pure-bristle brush, brush the hair down frequently, this will give a nice shine to it; the more you brush, the shinier the coat. And if you can not cope with the clipping yourself, we will be glad to help you, or we will show you how to clip your puppy.

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You see a nicely groomed Yorkshire Terrier, and (If you NOT showing your Yorkshire Terrier ( Dog-show) you can trim them the same, as you see below. in BOX 1.

Grooming Info:  Yorkshire Terrier-trimed--->1./--->  Silky Terrier--> 1.     2.
And for all this Grooming, you need some tool's --->

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We enjoy our Silky & Yorkshire Terriers, as they will add spices to anyone’s life.

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