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Yorkshire Terriers

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The Yorkshire Terrier is the smallest Terrier breed of dog that is most commonly seen. There is no other dog quite like it. Friskiness, humour, adaptability, friendliness and trainability are packed into so tiny a frame that it seems a miracle. It pays no heed whatsoever to the difference in size, between it and other dogs. A Yorkyshire T. seem to think it can do everything that a larger dog can do, if not better. It is a pocket size railing dog. The Yorkyshire T. had longer, soft silky hair which does not shed, but will require some brushing if to be kept in full coat. They are very efficient guard dogs and will not miss a sound of someone approaching.
Living with me; Yorkies do not necessarily have to live in a house with a big garden! The Yorkshire Terrier adapts very well to a flat, provided there is enough room for all the exercise he needs. Remind you they must be taken out often and given some good long walks. When it is not possible to take them out, the Yorkie has a big advantage he is a small dog and is quite happy to use a cat's litter tray, and can slepes well in a Air line Transport Box at night time.

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Silky &Yorkshire Terrier puppies are born black and tan, with some tan around there eyes and there paws.
See below-Two Silky Terrier puppies.
( Black colouring is permissible in puppies, blue must be established by 18 months of age. )

Later in live the Black turns to "steel" blue, while the head and chest take on
Golden colours. Most of the times!?

Puppies, sometimes available; from quality healthy stock. Also carefully selected breeding stock, while breeding to our Yorkshire Terrier standard to produce best possible quality. Our puppies are raised in a family home environment with lots of love and attention. At the age of 10 to 12 weeks old , they are ready to leave home.
They are all Vet checked, wormed, vaccinated and micro chipped, DNA tested and have registered pedigree from.
dogs registered in Queensland.

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We enjoy our Silky & Yorkshire Terriers, as they will add spices to anyone’s life.

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A Dog makes more friends than man because he wages his tail, not his tounque

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