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We enjoy our Silky & Yorkshire Terriers ;as they will add spice to anyone.s life.
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Silky Terrier - Yorkshire Terrier Breeder

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The Australian Silky Terrier is often said to be the result of a planned mating between an Australian Terrier Type dog and a Yorkshire Terrier Type dog,? But because stud records were not kept in the early days this can only be supposition. Around the year 1900 the Australian Terrier Club was formed but folded a couple of years later, leading to the formation of the Victorian Silky and Yorkshire Terrier Club.
In 1904 this new club drew up a standard for the breed. Soon after breeders in Sydney formed the Sydney Silky Club, and developed a separate standard for what was to be known as the Sydney Silky.
Until 1959 that the Silky was recognized as being a breed and was given the name Australian Silky Terrier and the official breed standard drawn up. More info--->  


Choosing your puppy dog!
A dog lives more than 10 years on average. If you think about a small Silky Terrier it might live with you for the
next 14 to 16 years. If you choose a larger or a giant breed dog, it will probably live only 8 to 10 years.
But this is not the question for choosing the right puppy dog, the question is learning to live with the dogs' long
life span. A dog will always cause some changes to the lifestyle of his owner. If you love the indoor life you will
love a Silky Terrier or a Yorkshire Terrier or any other suitable Toy breed.
There's more to owning a pet than companionship
studies have proven that they can also enhance your health. regardless of their age or gender.

ALL ENQUIRIES WELCOME: Puppies sometimes available!
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Yorkshire Terrier<---Picture left / Picture right---> Silky Terrier puppies

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Yorkshire Terrier <------20/06/2019 ------> Silky Terrier puppies

Yorkshire Terrier
Two Australian Silky Terrier puppies

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A dog makes more friends than man because he wages his tail, not his tongue.

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