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Australian Silky Terrier - Yorkshire Terrier - Silky Terriers' and Yorkshire Terrier's

A Dog makes more friends than man because he wages his tail, not his tounque

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Ausilk Yorkshire Terriers-Silky Terriers
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AUSILK - Silky Terriers &
Yorkshire Terriers
100% Love & Care
We look after our Silky and Yorkshire Terriers just like you do  3-Herzchen-rot

The Silky & Yorkshire Terrier is not suited to being an outdoor dog only. Ideal owner/s
Those who require a family companion and are prepared to have a dog
living indoors or in the enclosed backyard most of the times.  


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The Australian Silky Terrier is courageous, robust,elegant, and gracefull and according to his name he has a shiny blue and tan,or gray blue and tan coat,which dos not shed.
The Silky Terrier is protective of its own territory, making it a good little watchdog, announcing the presence of stranges. He will not leave your side watching for your love and trust, weather for adults or kids this little dog is
A must. The Silky is aprox. 25 cm {10 in} shoulder high. This proud little dog loves early handling and training.
The silky texture of the coat prefers daily grooming, 3-5 minutes will be beneficial. Its hair parts down the middle giving the appearance of a well groomed dog.
Life expectancy is aprox. 14 years.


The Yorkshire Terrier
The Yorkshire Terrier was created around the middle of the 19th Century by crossing a number of Terrier varieties that existed at that time. This was done around the middle to north of England, especially in the County of Yorkshire, hence the name Yorkshire Terrier.
The "early" Yorkshire Terriers could be as large as 6kgs (14 lbs.) and were used, like other Terrier breeds, to kill rats. Over the time breeders produced a smaller, more beautiful dog that was a household pet and show dog, rather than a rat killer.
When considering a dog, please realize that you are taking it on for its lifetime. Yorkshire Terriers can live up to 16 years of age and occasionally even older.
      Yorkshire Terriers generally weigh  
  from 1.8 kgs (4 lbs) to 3.2 kgs (7 lbs).



Breeder of quality Silky and Yorkshire Terriers,
Our Mission:
I am a Hobby Breeder! I breed mainly for show and silky 'lovers"
Who wants a loving, playful, mischievous healthy companion for the perfect home.
Established in the ''1960'' earning a very good reputation with this. (3.Generation )
Please purchase your puppy from a well known and registered Breeder which is a member of the
C C C.(Q) dogs. Herzchen-rot
Puppies are all VET checked, wormed,micro shipped & vaccinated and DNA if you wich tested.
This is the best place to select your Canine Control Council registered healthy puppy.

AUSILK-Yorkshire Terrier's
On display - Adults and Puppies.
AUSILK - Silky Terrier's
On display - Adulds and Puppies
AUSILK Yorkshire Terrier's
On display - Adults and Puppies.

The foundation of a good relationship with a dog is the making of a few sensible decisions.
The first and perhaps most important decision are to carefully select a breed of dog that is most likely to fit into the family temperament and lifestyle. There are many breeds to choose from, there are breeds that can cope with hot, muggy temperatures like the Australian Silky Terrier, he meet the special need for a compact pet and home companion for apartment and urban dwellers.
Silkys have always been a popular house pet, and can put up Silkys are hardy, non-shedding odorless, and also a great little watch dogs. with children. But he has some right to be a full member of your family.
He thrives on social interaction, praise and love. He has the right to regular exercise. He has the right to quality health care, and a good diet. He depends on you. Once the breed is selected, the buyer should look for a breeder who is a registered member of a Dog club and produces pedigree puppies that fit the breed’s physical description.


Why choose a "purebred" dog
Be aware!
So many people have bought an appealing "little" puppy which was sold to them as a Silky Terrier OR Yorkshire Terrier, ( or a DESIGNER DOG ), Labradoodle or a Cavoodudle and so on. Only to find out later that the father was a Blue- Heeler.
I am firmly against crossbreeds. The downside is you can not blame the dog for the outcome, later in live. " When you buy a "purebred", you know exactly what you are going to get. 99 % " All Dogs DNA tested if you wish.
( We can never hope to purge the breed of all defects!, but through selective breeding we can work to stack the "genetic deck" more in our favor over the years.)
Even an expert cannot look at a 6-8 week- old cross breed and guess his ultimate weight, size coat or very important-character or what about any medical issues?. This is not to say that you should not buy a cross breed dog from an animal shelter this is your choosing after all. Rather that you should keep all these points in you mind when considering to buy a small Australian Silky OR Yorkshire Terrier, purchase one from a well known and registered Breeder which is a member of the -
Canine Control Council (q)dogs
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We enjoy our Silky & Yorkshire Terriers ;as they will add spice to anyone.s life.

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