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We enjoy our Silky & Yorkshire Terriers ;as they will add spice to anyone.s life.
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Silky Terrier -Yorkshire Terriers House Training

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This transport BOX is the best, to toilet train your puppy at Night time. But please close the door! Bed time 9 pm - UP in the morning 6 am At the time your puppy wakes up, take it outside to a grassy place for doing his business, Make sure your always use the same exit door if you are taking your dog onto the grass. Addles for the first weeks.
Or many other kind of playpens are ideal for your puppy / dog when you need a time out zone and need a place where your dog is safe. Place some newspaper or puppy pads on the floor give your dog a cuddly place to sleep on, some toys and a bowl of water maybe even a chew bone. Now you can get on with what you need to do and your dog is safe and can not get under foot, hurt or in trouble.

Work on praise   for correct behavior please!
When you get him home!
A   Silky or yorkie (dog) is a creature of habit,
Toilet training starts from an early age as soon as puppies start crawling walking around in their playpen or box at that stage we place some newspaper or puppy pads in the box so that the puppies learn to do their business onto it and not onto their bedding. As the puppies get older they get more and more confident and with a bit of encouragement go onto the newspaper or puppy pads. From about the age of 6 - 8 weeks is the time to start teaching your puppy to go onto the grass.
This is usually easily done by observing a few golden rules. Each time your puppy wakes up, take it outside to a grassy or other absorbent area and wait to see if it empties out if the pup performs, give it a command word "Get busy", god boy/girl. the pup will learn to go on command, after some time. If the pup has emptied out it will probably be safe to bring it in for an hour or so. Keep doors to adjoining rooms closed.
Also take your puppy outside within 3 too 5 minutes of each meal. Full tummies tend to make pups empty out.
Pay attention. Pups circle before they go to the toilet. [Most do anyway]. If you are unable to keep a close eye on the pup use a cage or crate in the house to confine the pup and observe the above rules to take the pup out. This works with adult Silky's too. 3 too 5 weeks is needed to train most animals although many are quicker.
Most dogs empty on something absorbent. If you have carpet inside and concrete outside, chances are your pooch prefers the carpet. Overcome this by providing something absorbent outside a special toilet training pad, tray of soil piece of carpet you can clean. "Good Boy" toilet training adds to encourage and discourage areas are available. When house training, never punish the animal, it is your fault for being careless. Punishing often teaches pups to sneak off and do it out of sight in another room, or behind the lounge. Work on praise for correct behavior. Thoroughly clean "wrong" places. Perfume often repels dogs - try some on the spot. An upside down terracotta flower pot is sometimes recommended for male puppy! Dogs tend to return to the same place. A fully indoor dog can be trained to one place, a indoor pet potty lawn or something similar to that will help you.- use guides above.  
Being firm repetitive is one of the most important things you need to do when it comes to toilet training. If your dog had an accident inside please clean it up but never use pino clean cleaner this product smells for dogs like Cat pee.




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A dog makes more friends than man because he wages his tail, not his tongue.

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