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     The  Australian Silky Terrier is a courageous, robust, elegant, and graceful  toy breed dog. According to its name it has shiny blue and tan coat, or  gray blue and tan coat, which dos not shed. The Silky Terrier is  protective of its own territory, making it a good little watchdog,  announcing the presence of strangers.
    He will not leave your side,  always watching for your love and affection, whether for adults or kids  this little dog is a MUST! The Silky is approximately, 23 cm to 26 cm  (9-11 in) shoulder heights. This proud little dog loves early handling  and training. The Silky's texture of coat prefers daily- grooming, 3-5 minutes will be beneficial. Its hair parts down the middle giving the  appearance of a well-groomed dog.             
    Life expectancy is approx.14 to 16 years.

    The Silky is not suited to being an outdoor dog only. Ideal owner/s Those who require a family companion and are prepared to have a dog  living indoors or in the enclosed backyard most of the times.

    Member of CCC dogs. Queensland    
    Toy Dog Club of Queensland
    Australian Silky Terrier Web Club of Queensland   Australia.
  •                                        07 55460260   

    Yorkshire Terrier Information ! What is the difference between the two toy breeds? click on!

    The foundation of a good relationship with a dog is the making of a few sensible decisions.
    The first and perhaps most important decision are to carefully select a breed of dog that is most likely to fit into the family temperament and lifestyle. There are many breeds to choose from, there are breeds that can cope with hot, muggy temperatures like the Australian Silky Terrier, he meet the special need for a compact pet and home companion for apartment and urban dwellers.
    Silkys have always been a popular house pet, and can put up Silkys are hardy, non-shedding odorless, and also a great little watch dogs. with children.
    But he has some right to be a full member of your family.
    He thrives on social interaction, praise and love. He has the right to regular exercise. He has the right to quality health care, and a good diet. He depends on you.
    Once the breed is selected, the buyer should look for a breeder who is a registered member of a Dog club and produces pedigree puppies that fit the breed’s physical description.

     Our Mission:
    I am a Hobby Breeder! I breed mainly for show and silky 'lovers"
    Who wants a loving, playful, mischievous healthy companion for the perfect home. Established in the ''1960'' earning a very good reputation with this. (3.Generation )
    Please purchase your puppy from a well known and registered Breeder which is a member of the
    Canine Control Council.(Q)dogs.
    Puppies are all VET checked, wormed,micro shipped &vaccinated.
    This is the best place to select your Canine Control Council registered puppy, guarantied healthy.

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