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Ausilk - Go Go JUNIOR - Australian-Silky Terrier - Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terrier Feder Zeichnung-
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We enjoy our Silky & Yorkshire Terriers ;as they will add spice to anyone.s life.
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Ausilk - Go Go JUNIOR

Ausilk Go Go Junior - Yorkshire -Terrier

Gender: Male
Neutered: NO - Stud dog ???

Stud dog ?? : ( Available for approved Bitches only. )

PEDIGREE: - Ahnentafel: CH-Ausilk Go Go Junior
Pedigree ausilk Go Go Junior

Hunde Tatzen-bar
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Ausilk Go Go Junior (Male) Yorkshire Terrier-Teenager

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Animated textheadlineswords

A dog makes more friends than man because he wages his tail, not his tongue.
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