Key Benefits:

The Australian Silky Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier dos not shed hair all over the furniture and with minimum coat care, he will not emit a doggy odor.


The Silky is more Suitable to the Australian climate and is much easier to handle generally.




    Our Mission:

I am a Hobby Breeder!
I breed mainly for show and silky 'lovers"
Who wants a loving, playful,
mischievous healthy companion for the perfect home.
Established in the ''1960'' earning a very good reputation with this. Please
purchase your puppy from
a well known and registered Breeder which is a member
of the
h_heart.gif Canine Control
Puppies are all VET checked, wormed,
micro shipped &vaccinated.
This is the best place to select your
registered puppy, guarantied healthy.

First_page_ausilk Silky Terriers
& Yorkshire Terriers


 Good news

 A milestone has arrived and we wish to dedicate this show: 22-09-2012 to the Foundation Members,
who have so generously given of ther time and continual support in association with the Club since its inception.
At this time we hornour:
Helma & Helmut Dressler
Lorna and Bevan Hinch
Christine Magson
Daphne Muhling
Fay McDougal  
Ann, Graham & Myles Rohde.
Without these stalwarts of the Breed, there would be no Australian Silky Terrier Club of Queensland and for that we thank them.

Show resulds
25 Anniversary
show from 22-09-2012

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The Australian Silky Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier

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Breeder of quality Australian Silky Terriers & Yorkshire Terriers

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 This is About the Australian Silky Terrier


Ausilk Breeder of Australian Silky Terriers.
Established in the"1960"s earning a very good reputation with this.
This is the
best place to select your heart.gif CCC(Q)dogs heart.gif registered puppy,
guarantied healthy.
They are all Vet checked, wormed & vaccinated & micro-chipped.
I am a member of the Australian heart.gif Silky Terrier Web Club of Queensland &
 The Toy Dog Club of Queensland Australia. heart.gif
I breed mainly for show & silky lovers - Who want a loving,
playful, mischievous healthy companion for the perfect home. heart.gif

Ausilk Nessanee Silky Show 2007

The Australian Silky Terrier is often said to be the result of a planned mating between an
Australian Terrier Type dog ,?
 ? and a Yorkshire Terrier Type dog,? ?
But because stud records were not kept in the early days this can only be supposition.
Around the year 1900 the Australian Terrier Club was formed but folded a couple of years later,
leading to the formation of the Victorian Silky and Yorkshire Terrier Club.
In 1904 this new club drew up a standard for the breed.
(For more details see Australian Silky Terrier History heart.gif )

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When considering a dog please realize that you are taking it on for its lifetime.
Silky Terriers live from between 12 to 15 years of age.

Height at shoulder:
Dogs: 26 cm ( 9-11 ins )
Bitches: slightly less.
Weight: Desirable 3.5 to 4.5 kg.

The Silky is not suited to being an outdoor dog only.
Ideal owner/s are those who require a family companion
and are prepared to have a dog living indoors most of the time.
The Australian Silky Terrier is a TRUE TERRIER in every sense.
He is a hardy, alert, lovable little dog who will be a loyal companion to you and your family.
He will be a great watch dog. He won't shed hair all over the furniture and with minimum coat care,
he will not emit a doggy odor.
He will ask nothing of you except a dry warm place to sleep, a tasty meal and a little love and attention.
In return, he will give you much pleasure, loyalty and love.
In closing, we would just like to say that we hope you will enjoy owning this great little
whether he be a show-dog or a pet.
We hope that in some way by outlining the breed in simple terms we have helped you understand the
AUSTRALIAN SILKY TERRIER a lot better and we wish you both a happy content life together.
a.s.t.c of qld.

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All Enquiries welcome;
CH, Top stud Dogs known for their consistency in Performance, quality & progeny. Available for approved Bitches only.

This is a good place to select your CCC(Q) t/a DOGS Queensland registered Puppy, They are all Vet checked,
wormed and Vaccinated & micro-shipped.   contact the breeder.

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