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Vaccination Dogs

Has your dog been vaccinated?

Canine parvovirus is a life-threatening viral disease and is particularly dangerous to puppies. Parvovirus has a high mortality rate. Most infections occur in spring, summer and autumn. Rain can bring the virus out of the soil and cause an outbreak. The virus can remain in the soil for more than five years. Vaccination could save your dog's life. Contact your local veterinarian to check your dog's vaccinations are up to date?

Vaccination information!
Did you know... The canine nose works one million times more efficiently than the human nose! And the average dog has 42 permanent teeth. Check regular for clean teeth, --> and feed a good quality dog-food. -->    
And provide always clean fresh water. New pets – dogs things to look out for: Check vaccination certificates for a veterinary practice logo or address- this way you now, your dog has a full health check as part of the vaccination process. Vets supply certificates at the time of consultation. Do not accept any pappy, From a "breeder" who will forward a vaccination certificate. or micro-shipped certificate for your puppy. Vaccination: Dogs, C4 or C5 protect your dog from distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, bordatella, and Para- influenza, first at 8-9 weeks of age, second-boost at 12 weeks of age, To get the most out of your vet appointment, prepare a list of all the points you wish to discussed with the vet. Your dogs annual vaccination is after the 12 month and is an important part of your best friend's long term health and wellbeing. And if you need any help? Look in our LINK - Pages.
The most council law requires that all pups be vaccinated at the time of being sold or given away.
Micro shipped: And DNA tested. YES all puppies being micro shipped! -->


Helps & Hints &   Tips. and all about Heartworms in Dogs.
Treat heartworm in Dogs ( Pet talk with Paul Shiel )

Surgery-Jimboomba- 4280 QLD. PH: 07 55469540

Heartworm is a disease predominantly found in dogs, however, it may also be present in cats and rarely in Humans.
The disease is caused by a parasite called Dirofilaria - immitis which is a worm that attempts to live in the lungs and hearts of dogs.
It is a terminal disease and by that I mean that the animal infested will eventually die, unless specifically treated for the infection.
This disease is transmitted by mosquitoes , whom, then they bit their host they transfer the small larval stage of the heartworm which find their way into the bloodstream. After your dog has been bitten it takes about eight weeks for the larval stages to develop into adult worms which will then breed and produce more larvae, consequently the dog's condition simply worsens. Fortunately, heartworm can be prevented and even treated if your dog is already infected. Some of the common clinical signs are a cough, reduced exercise tolerance with progressive weight loss.
You should seek advice from a veterinarian, if your dog is not already on heartworm preventative medicine, and you suspect it may be infected. I t is very important to understand that the normal dog worming tablets taken approximately every three months for gastro-intestinal worms do not kill or affect heartworm at all. Remember, heartworm lives in the lungs and heart, not in the gut system. To check if your dog in infected, simply go to your vet to have a specific blood test done, which will detect if heartworm is presented. If they are, then treatment is available to kill the existing adult and larval heartworm. Once this is achieved the dog can go onto the preventative treatment. Again it is very important to check your dog first, before going onto the preventive treatment because if you don't you risk killing your dog.The only safe time to start a dog on a heartworm prevention tablets is when it is eight weeks old. Anytime after that is a risk and the dog should be tested first. There are currently three available ways of heartworm treatment. They are: Dimmitrol tablets given daily Heartgurd 30, one tablet given every month. Heartgurd 30+, which incorporates a gut worming program against roundworm and hookworm.
For further advice consult your local VET.
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